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Dedicated to Barbara of Celje, this sculpture’s feminine curves and five-pointed sea star crown mirror the Neolithic mother goddess figurines. The star binds electromagnetic waves and elements of the Sanskrit Om, which flow from its five radiating arms towards its centre. This great pyramid symbol of the Pythagoreans, which represents energy, power, and God, is a prehistoric aquatic form and illustrates the synthesis of complementary forces. The gold star or the sun of the sea is a source of limitless energy, the origin of life, the divine spark, which gives rise to the spiritual and the material. The gold star’s five points represent the five elements; it is the sun of all creatures, the genius of creation, the seed of life. It lies at the bottom of the sea, connected to Earth and to the Spirit. The pentagram is the most powerful symbol of happiness, health, creativity, spirituality, the idea of genius according to Paracelsus, and of the five elements that form the whole. The outer and inner pentagrams numerically convert to the number one (5 + 5 = 1), the symbol of God. The five outer elements represent the five core values: love, truth, right conduct, peace and non-violence.  

10,5 x 8 x 16,5 cm – small bronze sculpture,
13,5 x 9 x 20 cm – medium bronze sculpture,
27 x 18 x 46 cm – large bronze sculpture
Materials: bronze, various colour glazes

Oskar Kogoj

Oskar Kogoj

Oskar Kogoj

“I was drawn to the medieval story of a beautiful, young maiden, who had to marry a European emperor, and yet later started to study science and alchemy, which were at the time forbidden.”

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