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The inspiration for the design of this chalice is the legendary chalice associated with Jesus Christ. In numerous researches on the meaning of the Holy Grail, I discovered the depth of the symbolism of the development of spirituality in the Western Civilisation, which is connected with the blood of Christ, with knowledge about the human mind, and with key questions: WHO IS MAN, WHERE DOES HE COME FROM, WHERE IS HE GOING?

In the San Lorenzo basilica in Rome, there is a mosaic depicting the chalice that is the basis for the shape of this new chalice: for meditation, contemplation on man…

The gold star on the Holy Grail symbolises the development of living beings, from the starfish to man and his commitment to finding the truth. Thus, the TRUTH ABOUT MAN is hidden in the symbol of the Holy Grail.

Measurements: h = 14 cm – small, h = 26 cm – large
Materials: blue or yellow unleaded glass, gilt

Oskar Kogoj

Oskar Kogoj

Oskar Kogoj

If MAN wishes to know himself, he must drink from his internal chalice of IMMORTALITY.

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