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Mug of green gold

This beer mug tells the story of Slovenia’s longstanding tradition of brewing quality beer, the symbolic meaning of Slovenia’s traditional glassworks, and the beer drinking culture. Designer Oskar Kogoj scatters symbols of God – protruding bumps that stem from ancient toreutic techniques – over the mug’s surface.

Sophocles claimed that beer was the drink of the gods; raise a toast to friendship and the joy of life with a mug of green gold.

Measurements: 3 dcl, 5 dcl
Materials: porcelain, gilt

Oskar Kogoj

Oskar Kogoj

Oskar Kogoj

I never begin a project as a spiritual novice. Every task I set myself starts with an exhaustive thought process. Spiritual research and deliberations can take up to a few months, even years. Only then do I start gathering constructional elements. The design comes last, like clothes on the body.

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